‘From Over Here’ is a visual representation of news trends

‘From Over Here’ is a visual representation of news trends

From Over Here” is a fascinating exercise in the physical, visual representation of news. From the Flickr gallery description:

From Over Here is a physical representation of articles from the New York Times from 1992-2010. Each card represents a month of articles about, or related to Ireland. The people and topics mentioned in the articles are etched on each card.

It’s interesting to note that the length of each card corresponds to the frequency of the word–in this case Ireland–in each article, rather than the number of articles that mention the word, making it a more effective measure of relevancy.

We have plenty of tools that map trends in news and graph mentions of topics we care about in online media, but you’ve got to admire the effort the designer has gone to just to portray this information in a tangible form.

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