Placekitten automatically generates placeholder images… of kittens

Placekitten automatically generates placeholder images… of kittens

If you’ve been designing websites for any length of time, you know how annoying it can be to collect a set of images and crop them all down to specific sizes just so you can have a diverse set of placeholder images as you put together the site.

Placekitten is the answer to your problems! The site serves up images of the required size based on the URL, so once you memorize the simple pattern you can code your placeholder images into your designs without leaving the text editor.

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Here’s the URL structure:

Simple enter the dimensions as you would in Photoshop–width by height, separated by a slash. For greyscale, all you have to do is add a g like so:

Placekitten is a really simple service, but sometimes its the simplest things that save us the most time.

I’ll probably use Placekitten myself, but it’ll fill me with rage every time I see one of the destructive little beasts.

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