Open Source Ampersands gives away lightweight @font-face kits

Open Source Ampersands gives away lightweight @font-face kits

Designers have many quirks, and one of the more common ones is getting giddy over an attractive ampersand. This one character seems to rouse the spirit of typophiles more than any other.

Dan Cederholm of the design studio SimpleBits once spent 445 words extolling the benefits of using the best available ampersand in your designs. Unfortunately, using your favorite ampersand on the web hasn’t always been practical, given that it’s unlikely your preference is going to be from a web-safe font.

But things have changed, and Open Source Ampersands has come to the rescue. A resource for only the purest of ampersand lovers, this site offers a collection of ampersands in @font-face kits so you can easily use them in your web designs. Each font is lightweight to ensure your site remains fast-loading, containing nothing more than the one character you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re not using the best available ampersand, now might be a good time to change that.

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