Microsoft’s HTML5 Bing preview site appears online

Microsoft’s HTML5 Bing preview site appears online

Microsoft has released its preview site for Bing’s HTML5 update, which is currently undergoing development.

Microsoft first announced the upcoming Bing preview in September 2010 at the Internet Explorer 9 beta launch. The new version of the search engine will feature instant search, similar to Google’s, which allows the user to change the search query and see new results as they type. Bing will also receive a number of interface updates, such as animated search history navigation.

Unfortunately, these new features aren’t yet available even through the preview site, but its appearance on the web indicates that Microsoft is almost ready to roll out the beta.

What’s interesting about this for designers and developers is that Microsoft has previously stated that Internet Explorer 9 will come out of beta around the time the Bing preview goes live. If the preview site’s appearance indicates that the beta features are nearly ready for public testing, we may see an Internet Explorer 9 launch within a month and need to prepare to support it accordingly.

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