TNW’s Daily Dose – 24 hours of tech news in 5 minutes [Audio]

TNW’s Daily Dose – 24 hours of tech news in 5 minutes [Audio]

News of the World? It’s now news of yesterday. Rupert Murdoch is shuttering the publication amid scandalous reports. Dropbox has updated its EULA to more accurately reflect the company’s intentions. Google+ is launching true business accounts. Unfortunately that means that TNW’s has gotten the axe in the mean time. Facebook has announced its “something awesome” — Skype video chat.

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TNWDailyDose 07-07-2011 by TNW Daily Dose

Rupert Murdoch just Killed the News of the World

Dropbox updates license following IP controversy

Google+ for Business coming “later this year,” shutting down non-user profiles

Facebook announces video chat in partnership with Skype

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