Daily Distraction: Harry Potter and the free Audiobook

Daily Distraction: Harry Potter and the free Audiobook

Today, in our Slack, we had a heated argument about Harry Potter. As always there was no truce. I can’t call my self a Potterhead now, because I don’t know every goddamn fact from every book, but the series still holds a special place in my heart.

My school education was in my native language, Gujarati. So, my formal introduction to English was much later in my education. In effect, I have never studied Shakespeare or any of ‘classic’ English literature. Harry Potter was one of the first English novels I read, and I really appreciate those stories that got me reading more books.

I even indulged in Harry Potter related games and spent countless hours on Pottermore. So today, I decided to dedicate or include some Potter-based entertainment for you:

  • Harry Potter’s author, JK Rowling, has launched a new website called Harry Potter at home, with tons of activities and quizzes.
  • The first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, is available on Audible, narrated by Stephen Fry.
  • The Office’s John Krasinski has a new show on YouTube called Some Good News, a compilation of crowdsourced feel-good news sent to the actor.

  • Humble is offering some great games under its Conquer COVID-19 bundle.

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