4 scenarios where packaged software is sucking the life out of you

4 scenarios where packaged software is sucking the life out of you

Surveys show that 88 percent of millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, want a fun and social workplace environment.

This isn’t necessarily about a meme contest, bringing your dog to work, riding scooters down the hall, or getting exclusive access to novel perks – it goes back to meaning and purpose.

For most business owners, the concepts of “work” and “fun” just don’t go together.

Yet, despite that natural divergence, they really should be better aligned – not for sentimental reasons, but for bottom-line facts.

From building out custom applications to deploying enterprise system upgrades, there are a couple of important things you need to know about having fun, while getting that next app done.

The traditional way to build a custom application is to hire a consultancy firm/developer, or purchase packaged software to do the job. However, there are certain problems with both of those approaches that can actually be solved by coding the app yourself. Which means there is lots of time left over for doing fun things.

Here are just four scenarios in which building your own application can turn into a pretty fun time.

Explaining the inner workings of your proposed app design to an app developer

explaining, business

Not fun: A business owner will typically have to explain their app ideas or requirements to someone unrelated to their business, several times, and fill out brief after brief of detailed questionnaires revolving around what this color should be or that font will look like. Boring!

Fun: You know the business app’s functional needs better than anyone else. So instead of smacking your head against a brick wall trying to convey your idea to someone not on your team, code it yourself.

And now that the brick wall is gone, you could go rent a sweet ride and not worry about crashing it into that brick wall.

Lengthy development cycles

Not fun: Traditional development has lengthy procedures like configuration, coding, testing, and debugging. Professional developers are pricey, and a you’d need expensive IT infrastructure to deploy your app.

Fun: Low-code and drag-and-drop builders like Zoho Creator makes application building easy and quick. So instead of destroying your sanity over the latest debug, use that extra free time and go on a cruise. Alcatraz is a great destination this time of year.

Paying for more than you need


Not fun: Many developers charge full payment at the start of a project and build features that you might not use till much later, if at all.

Fun:  A pay-as-you-go approach lets you start small and upgrade as and when you need to. So instead of paying out the nose, many times for features you don’t need anyway, why don’t you have some fun while making money at the same time?

One thing you could do is take a short stay-cation at a local hotel, set up a meeting with a client, and call it a business expense. Who’s to know?

Waiting for changes – but still hoping for fast updates

Not fun: For every small modification, update, or change to an app, the developers have to make changes in the user interface as well as the database. This gets tedious pretty fast.

Fun: Every application change should simply be incorporated offline, tested, and then deployed.

Now, why don’t you go and read the latest John Grisham or Jack Reacher novel and relax?


When you decide to build an application to solve a business problem, you can improve efficiency, and simplify your work with less expense and loads more fun than normal.

Even if your turnover doesn’t shrink or your financial performance doesn’t rise above that of your peers overnight, at least you’ll still have some fun in the process of getting there.

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