Turn your code into framed art with this great tool

Turn your code into framed art with this great tool

Programming is often compared to raising a child. While parents teach their children the skills they need to survive when they eventually move out, developers spend hundreds — if not thousands — of hours arming a system with the code it requires to function by itself before deploying it to the masses.

There’s one distinctive difference between the two, however: Parents mostly complain about not seeing their children enough once they’ve fled the family home, whereas developers only hope to have another opportunity to revisit their code in the future.



Fortunately, Commits.io is on hand to help developers maintain a strong relationship with every piece of meaningful code they churn out. Using the service, programmers can upload all of their finest work to GitHub to have it turned into a gorgeous, high-quality piece of art that can be framed for $99.

Honestly, I’m the furthest thing from a developer. I played around with Python a little when I was in high school, but I haven’t touched a loop or if statement since. After I discovered Commits.io this morning, though, I felt a sudden urge to code a simple program to have printed and wall-mounted.


I’m not sure why, but seeing code displayed in an attractive form on Commits.io’s website made me want to create a piece of my own. Each line of code is as unique as the person that writes it, and creating these personal posters is a fantastic way to express yourself.

Love the look of the posters and want to get your hands on one, but have little-to-no programming experience? Then you’ll be glad to hear that Commits.io also gives its customers the option to import code from any public Git repo — so you can take someone else’s work and put your own artistic spin on it.

It’s really super neat. Check it out by following the link below.

Your code has never looked this good on Commits.io

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