The Kirby Café in Tokyo is serving extremely weird and adorable dishes


Nintendo has been recently trying to expand its portfolio outside of games published on its own consoles. And taking a look at Pokémon Go, you could say they’ve been quite successful so far.

However, in Japan the company has been involved with much more than games for years. You can win Yoshi pluchies in game machines, you can play arcade versions of Mario Kart around the countries, and countless other things.

Nintendo Japan’s newest venture is food featuring the world’s favorite flying pink ball. The Kirby Cafe in Tokyo and Osaka serves different kinds of Japanese food incorporating elements from the video game series.

The menu consists of a variety of creative concoctions, like ‘Fluffy Kirby Pancake’, ‘Maxim Tomato Soup’ and ‘Mount Dedede Pizza’. Just take a look:

Yeah, there’s no way I’m skipping this place on my next visit to Tokyo.

Kirby Cafe on Kirby Cafe

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