Dive into the beautifully weird dimension of this Vine account

Dive into the beautifully weird dimension of this Vine account

There’s some crazy shit to be found on the internet.
Don’t ask – I don’t know what just happened either.

Cool3DWorld is a project by Jon Baken, a.k.a. popcorn10, and Brian Tessler – exploring a digital dimension created from their twisted imagination. Their six-second animations feature characters flexing their bodies, screaming their lungs out and disobeying gravity.

Even though a storyline seems to be absent for most clips, there are some recurring characters and themes.

Danny Trejo has made some guest appearances and there are a lot of naked guys to be found – other than that, it’s anyone’s guess after hitting play.

Naturally I was interested what brought Jon and Brian to the creation:

We both had a shared interest in creating visuals inspired and informed by original music and sound design. Our videos have become a great meeting point for the two of us to explore ideas, create a steady workflow, and learn new tools and techniques.

Well guys, if by “meeting point” you mean “trippy nightmare freakshow,” consider it a success.

Cool3DWorld on Vine

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