Exclusive look: New Adobe Labs features could be the smart CMS of the future

Exclusive look: New Adobe Labs features could be the smart CMS of the future

Creating content on the Web can be tedious, but Adobe thinks it’s cracked the code. A new Adobe Labs project is not only trying to help us stay creative, but also building content for multiple delivery mediums.

First, ‘Smart Authoring’ monitors your text input, then pulls in related content and images to help you create context. As you’re typing, pictures and other posts pop up in a sidebar in real-time, and you can add them by dragging and dropping.

‘Smart Summarization’ helps create content for multiple channels with ease. A blog post may not work well for push notifications or email campaigns, so Labs created a way to help you cut the fat as needed.

Once you’ve populated a post, Smart Summarization duplicates it for use elsewhere. It attempts to identify redundant text, which can be trimmed away with ease. You also have control over the process at all times, so nothing gets trimmed away without your consent.

‘Smart Change’ is complimentary to Smart Summarization, and allows you to propagate changes from the master text to other variants. For instance, you can manage multiple email variations for a campaign without having to manually edit each one, which opens up an avenue for errors.

While these changes are geared toward marketers — and very much in the beta stage — it’s easy to see how Adobe could parlay this into something much broader. Perhaps legacy CMS programs like WordPress should be a bit concerned about what Adobe is working on, here.

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