Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a Valentine’s e-card from space

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a Valentine’s e-card from space
Credit: NASA

E-cards aren’t exactly the coolest thing that ever happened to the internet, but a Valentine’s space e-card delivered by NASA? OK. I’m listening.

NASA has collated images of Mars craters that look like hearts and smilies, as well as some of its Mars Rover, to put together some templates for the geekiest Valentine’s you’ll probably ever send.

NASA Valentine
Credit: NASA

Pick an image, fill in a few extra details and then email to that special space explorer in your life quicker than you can say: “I want us to die on Mars together.”

OK, the site’s pretty clunky and it’d be great if you could add your own customized message, but these guys are focused on way more complicated things than Web user experience.

Not missing an opportunity for a cheeky little bit of space learning, the tool also links through to some quick Mars facts, as well as the rest of the NASA site.

Mars Cards [NASA]

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