Operator is a beautiful $200 font designed exclusively for developers

Operator is a beautiful $200 font designed exclusively for developers

Type designer Hoefler & Co has released a new font called Operator, which is specifically aimed at programmers.

The aim of this font is to make life easier for developers by focusing on things like the brackets, braces, and punctuation marks, which can be a lot more critical when a person is coding than writing.

Speaking about the font, its creator Jonathan Hoefler said:

“In developing Operator, we found ourselves talking about JavaScript and CSS, looking for vinyl label embossers on eBay, and renting a cantankerous old machine from perhaps the last typewriter repair shop in New York and unearthing a flea market find that amazingly dates to 1893”

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The font makes it simpler to identify the likes of I, l, and 1 or colons and semi-colons by using color and italics for the characters that programmers use most, making them easier to spot in a sea of code.

Operator comes in two forms – natural-width and fixed-width, which is known as Operator Mono and they are available in nine weights ranging from Thin to Ultra.


If you’re a programmer and feel like Operator is up your street, it’s going to cost you between $200 – $599 for the luxury of an easier coding experience.

Introducing Operator [Hoefler & Co]

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