Ideal Gifts: Lost My Name is a personalized book to blow a kid’s mind

Ideal Gifts: Lost My Name is a personalized book to blow a kid’s mind

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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if you had an entirely different name? Our names are such a big part of our identity – and they make little things like personalization so meaningful, especially for young children.

Earlier this year, I met with Lost My Name, a publishing startup that built a book generator based on your child’s name and/or address. It’s a unique concept that will blow your children’s (or kids at heart’s) minds.

lost my name book

Currently there are two options for books: One that adapts the storyline based on the recipient’s name (down to the way the name is spelled), and another that focuses on their hometown.

Both these things are deeply personal and contribute to a child’s memory as they grow up. The book will seem amazing to the kid reading it today, but will also provide that same wow when they revisit it again in 10 years and recall the very street they once lived on.

One book costs just $29.99. But really, you can’t put a price on memories.

 Lost My Name

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