SprayPrinter turns your photos into graffiti you can print on your walls

SprayPrinter turns your photos into graffiti you can print on your walls

Graffiti is one of the most vocal forms of art, and in recent times, it’s lost the taboo status it carried when the likes of Blek Le Rat started stencilling rats on the streets of Paris. It’s now appreciated worldwide, and practically become its own genre.

Actually creating something interesting, however, takes massive amount of time and skill. Now, a small startup in Estonia has come up with a device that can give us all a chance at creating a piece of graffiti – the SprayPrinter.

The device, with its accompanying app, turns any photo on your phone into a pixel-style piece of wall art and even connects to spray paint cans so you can print the image wherever you want with confidence.

There are two key parts to the Spray Printer – the print module and the camera module. The camera module is your phone and the print module is the part that connects to the spray can.

It works by using the accompanying app to break the chosen image down to pixels and by calculating the exact number and position of each one, the print module knows what has been printed on the wall or canvas as you spray, so there is no fear of doubling up or missing pieces, according to its creators.

If you’re not feeling your own photographs, there will also be a platform built into the app where artists can upload images for people to print in their homes or wherever they desire.

SprayPrinter isn’t available to buy just yet though – its creators will be launching it on Indiegogo next month so you’ll have to wait a while to exercise your graffiti skills.

While it’s not the first of its kind, this will be the first time a device like this is available to the general public. If successful, it would be a great way to bring an appreciation for street art into more homes.

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