New Adonit Jot Dash stylus aims to be the ballpoint pen for tablets

New Adonit Jot Dash stylus aims to be the ballpoint pen for tablets

If you’re someone who grabs your iPad or Android tablet first and a paper notebook second — if at all — Adonit’s new Jot Dash stylus is designed to be your new ballpoint pen.

Designed as a general, all-purpose digital pen for just about any mobile device, Jot Dash has a balanced anondized aluminum body measuring 8.5mm in diameter and 5.5 inches long. It works on any capacitive touchscreen. The pen-like clip lets you easily fit it into any pocket, case or bag. 


You can start writing without directly connecting to specific apps or changing settings — just click the pen on whenever you want and click it off when you’re done, just like a regular pen. The 1.9mm tip is designed for precise pen-like strokes, lettering and marking. Where a rubber tip can be imprecise and look funky, Dash gives your clean markings a precise handwriting or drawing look and feel.

You can take handwritten notes in Notability, Penultimate, Notes Plus, GoodNotes and several others. Sketch or draw in Adobe Line or Sketch, Astropad, Concepts, Forge or Procreate. Battery life is 14 hours after a full charge with the enclosed USB charger, and can fully charge in 45 minutes, the company said. It will automatically go into sleep mode after being idle for 15 minutes. 

Writing with, and holding the pen, resembles a ballpoint pen experience — meaning it feels familiar and comfortable. The only small caveat is the clatter of the hard tip against the tablet glass.


The Jot Dash is available in silver or black on Adonit’s Website and for $49.99.

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