Pixbuf public beta adds analytics to its social photo sharing service

Pixbuf public beta adds analytics to its social photo sharing service

In an effort to streamline the process of sharing photos to a variety of networks, Pixbuf, a social networking tool targeted to photographers, has launched a public beta debuting its new analytics tool.

Photographers can use the free Pixbuf to upload images and share them directly with a number of connected social networks, including 500px, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and others — similar to Buffer, except for photos.

The service will then track analytics data for those images — how often they are viewed and how many likes they get.

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After you sign into the Pixbuf site, you can easily add photos via the Upload button. The interface lets you add more information, such as a title, tags or a description. Then, just click the Share Now button to post the photograph to the connected social networks you want.

This is great for when you want to share a photo across multiple networks, while letting you see how that photo fares. You can even schedule when you want images to post, just like Buffer.

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Pixbuf aggregates data from all the connected services, giving photographers a better idea of who is viewing their photos and from where. According to the Pixbuf blog:

The way we take photographs has changed. Even professional photographers take pictures using smartphones, post-processing is largely automatic and very soon,mobile phones will be capturing photographs of equal quality as today’s DSLRs. Similarly, the way we share photographs has also changed. Nobody goes to local photo clubs anymore; instead, photographers share their pictures on countless social networks and with professional communities, submit them into competitions and try to sell them in photo galleries.

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The analytics also uses infographics to help you better visualize your photos’ performance.

PixBuf says it plans to add more networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ in the future as well as services for archiving pictures and applying for photo contests.

➤ Pixbuf [via Photography Blog]

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