See your Instagram photos on a giant screen made of 6,400 spools of thread

Forever 21 is a clothing brand that young people wear and which confuses me.* Still, its latest marketing stunt is one I can get behind. Yeah, okay, sometimes brands sucker me in too.

Tag your Instagram photos with #F21ThreadScreen and they’ll be displayed on a huge screen in New York city. And it’s not an ordinary screen by any means.

The device built by the fashion retailer is a 2,000 pound machine with 6,400 mechanical spools of colored thread being turned to reproduce the Instagram images sent to it.

Forever 21’s thread screen is very spool…get it? Spool? Oh forget it.

Presumably Forever 21 is filtering the content pushed to its mechanical marvel as I’ve only see delightful looking lovelies so far rather than a relentless parade of goatse references and marching penises.

F21 Threadscreen [Forever 21]

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*I am 31. I’m practically dead in internet years. 


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