Add panache to your smartphone images with Lensbaby’s Creative Mobile Kit

Add panache to your smartphone images with Lensbaby’s Creative Mobile Kit

Smartphones are the cameras we always carry in our pockets, so why not augment them for more variety, facility and creativity?

That’s the idea behind Lensbaby’s newly released Creative Mobile Kit, which includes two new clip-on lenses: the LM-20 and the LM-30, alongside an iPhone mobile mount and a magnetic kickstand.

Lensbaby’s entree into the mobile space began last year with a Kickstarter campaign that launched the Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile (LM-10), the company’s first lens for mobile devices. The LM-10 creates images with a small focused ‘sweet spot’ surrounded by accelerating blur.

Shot with a Lensbaby LM-20

The LM-20 features Lensbaby’s center sweet spot with a sharp blur drop-off. The LM-30 gives you a sharply focused image circled by reflections.

All Lensbaby mobile lenses and the kickstand magnetically attach to either the iPhone 5, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus mount or via adhesive-backed stainless steel rings for the iPhone 5c and Android phones.


The kickstand can be used for timed selfies, hands-free viewing of photos or videos or propping up the phone on a desktop or other flat surface. The iPhone Mount slides over the camera on your phone.

A newly enhanced iOS app lets you move the sweet spot of focus for both stills and videos. Photographers can also lock exposure and white balance, adjust sharpness and more. The original Lensbaby Android app is also still available. You can use the LM-20 or LM-30 with any camera app or download the specially designed app.

Shot with a Lensbaby LM-20

When shooting with the camera’s default app, the area of focus is always dead center. The Lensbaby app allows you to move the sweet spot around the image to match the area of focus with a different, personalized photographic vision.

Shot with a Lensbaby LM-30

The product is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, in addition to Android devices running any operating system higher than Jelly Bean. The kit is available from Lensbaby’s website for $89.95.

➤ Lensbaby Launches the Creative Mobile Kit with Two ‘Reality Bending’ Lenses [PetaPixel]

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