Fiverr Faces lets you order custom designed portraits based on your selfies

Fiverr Faces lets you order custom designed portraits based on your selfies

Fiverr, a creative marketplace with a bustling variety of artistic and professional services, has launched Fiverr Faces, its first standalone app for the iPhone.

Featuring a curated collection of artists who design unique, high-quality portraits from your original photos, Fiverr Faces lets you order a custom selfie to share over social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — you name it.

The idea is that these painters, sketch artists and cartoonists can make business and professional portraits shine — even if they began life as humble selfies or snapshots.


“Our vision is to provide any digital service in just one click and the Fiverr Faces app does just that,” Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO told TNW. “It uses the iPhone and real artists to turn any selfie into a work of art. At the same time, we’re creating a new channel for our sellers to turn their talents into money — and in a category that’s just exploding on Fiverr.”

Kaufman says the Faces app, targeted to millennials, is the first of what the company sees as a long list of future category-specific apps. “It is part of our strategy to rapidly strengthen our position across many industry verticals — not unlike what eBay and Amazon have done.”


Currently, the Fiverr marketplace spans some 150 categories, including design, videography, animation, Web design, voiceover talent, and even financial and legal advice.

For the selfie part alone, Kaufman says that hundreds of artists worldwide are already participating. “We selected them based on the quality of their portfolios, Fiverr community feedback and ratings, and their availability to take on this new offering.”


There’s also a deep bench, with a waiting list of artists who want to be included, and who will be added to the roster in the coming weeks.

A simple user interface lets users browse dozens of visual and creative styles styles ranging from photo-realistic to fanciful to cartoonish, with specific options like Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, impressionism or pop art.


Just launch the app and scroll through the examples until you hit upon a style that you like. Then, tap the I want This button and you’re taken to a checkout where you decide how fast you want it.

You do not see an exact preview of that your picture will look like because the portrait is painted by an artist; it’s not computer generated.


Fiverr Faces marks the company’s first independent app launch promoting a single category. It is available for free at the iTunes Store and can be used with the iPhone or iPad. Fiverr currently has no plans to offer this app on Android or other platforms.

Prices vary, starting at $10 for delivery within seven days; for an additional fee, you can choose to have portraits delivered within 1 to 3 days. To celebrate the launch of the new app, Fiverr is offering a free portrait to the first 500 people who order through the app. 

➤ Fiverr Faces [iOS]

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