Nikon now has a selfie stick for its line of point-and-shoot cameras

Nikon now has a selfie stick for its line of point-and-shoot cameras

Nikon has announced its own branded selfie stick for its Coolpix point-and-shoot camera line. The N-MP001 (Selfie Stick) is targeted to the following Coolpix models: S6900 (aka Selfie Ready), L32, AW130, S33, S7000, S3700 and S9900.

The device measures 7.28 inches in length when collapsed and 28.54 inches when fully extended. It weighs 6.56 ounces and can carry cameras weighing up to 14 ounces.

It connects to the tripod socket of your camera and also has a tripod socket at the bottom of the handle for attaching to a tripod or monopod. It has a foam grip and a hand strap for easy carrying when not in use.

nselfieA fixed pan-head allows you to easily change the position of the camera when it is attached to the Selfie stick. It operates via the timer, according to Nikon’s site.

Nikon’s signature selfie stick is available for pre-order at B&H and Adorama for $59.95. Nikon has confirmed it is on the way but there’s no indication of when it will ship.

The question of whether the world needs yet another selfie stick — at a time when public venues like concert halls, sports stadiums and museums are acting to ban them — is instructive, despite Nikon’s rather soft-pedal debut.

The Nikon stick is not the same as the myriad other ones out there, as it’s expressly designed for the safe handling of its own cameras and can arguably be used for shot-angle versatility apart from selfies.

That’s cool, but you still won’t be able to use it at the museum.

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