Adonit releases new Jot Script tablet stylus to work with Evernote’s updated iPad app

Adonit releases new Jot Script tablet stylus to work with Evernote’s updated iPad app

Adonit’s Jot Script, a stylus designed for non-artist notetakers, just got a refresh. The company is counting on updates to its Bluetooth-connected pen to make it easier for business and education users to take notes with Evernote’s newly updated Penultimate for iPad. Both the new pen and the app update are available now.

Renamed Jot Script 2 – Evernote Edition, the pen features a slimmer build, rechargeable AAA lithium battery and improved precision and app integration. The pen has a more compact barrel that’s designed to sit more comfortably in your paw for writing, as opposed to drawing.

Battery life is longer than the previous version, and the pen always stays connected to the app you’re using after a single pairing. A built-in USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery can fully charge the Jot Script 2 in 45 minutes, and thereafter, it’s ready for up to 20 hours of writing time.

adonit Script8
The pen’s streamlined build is also accompanied by an upgraded Pixelpoint tip. Still just 1.9mm on the outside, the tip has been fine-tuned to make the Jot Script more precise and compatible with a variety of notetaking apps. The technology has been refined to offer faster stroke tracking, smoother line rendering and more advanced line accuracy on-screen. Palm rejection performs better too, so you can rest your hand naturally on the screen while writing. To enable palm rejection, be sure to turn off Multitasking Gestures in your iPad General settings.

The Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition offers easier and more reliable onscreen pairing from within the Evernote Penultimate app and other Adonit-preferred notetaking apps, such as GoodNotes 4 and Noteshelf.

Penultimate version 6.0.4 includes support for the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition, featuring faster and more accurate Jot Script performance with integration of the latest Adonit Jot Touch SDK. The app’s new version has also added ability to split large notes automatically and offers improved syncing and large note editing.

The pen is optimized for the iPad 4 or newer, though I was also able to use it on my iPad 2. Further, Adonit says it has addressed glitches noted when using its pens with the iPad Air 2. I found performance with that tablet much better than the Jot Touch that I had tried earlier. There were small skip instances here and there with the new Jot Script 2, but nothing major.

The Jot Script 2 — Evernote Edition is available for $74.99 and includes Evernote Premium free for six months.

Adonit Jot Script 2 — Evernote Edition

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