Woodpost will print your photos on a thin slice of wood

Woodpost will print your photos on a thin slice of wood

Photographers who are into collages should already know that Fuzel Collage is one of the finest collage makers out there. Today, Not a Basement Studio Software, the Vietnamese outfit behind Fuzel, has launched another photo app for iOS called Woodpost.

As its name implies, Woodpost, a universal app for iPhone and iPad, will print your photos on wood, something you don’t come across everyday and a sweet idea for a special photo that gives it a bit more … heft.

High quality printing on wood is not easy, as each piece of wood is imperfect. Not a Basement Studio says the company tested many types of ink and printing techniques until the colors and details of the photos were suitable.


In an environmentally friendly process, photos are printed on durable, sustainable plywood for the card and dock, and craft paper for the packaging. Woodpost comes in a 4.7-inch square or 6.0 x 3.7 x 0.1-inch rectangle (landscape or portrait) dimensions. It ships with two accessories, a dock and magnet so you can set your photo on a desk or table or mount it on the fridge.


The software provides a good number of decorative borders for your prints, in categories like Simple, Family, Love and Travel, though you can choose to print without a border. The app previews the image you chose in every available frame so you can pick the best one. You can even do some minor cropping and enhancing of the photo in the frame or change either the photo or the frame.


Woodpost card and accessories cost $7.99, including shipping. The company ships anywhere with a money back guarantee.

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