Art and tech meet under a kaleidoscope of brilliant hues at SXSW

Art and tech meet under a kaleidoscope of brilliant hues at SXSW

While technology is essentially creative, it does not always look creative. However, in the case of 3Ms huge outdoor installation at SXSW, it was both.

What attracted the throng of passersby to Life With 3M exhibit – staged in the open space at the Brush Square city park – was a huge multicolored canopy of lovely pastel colors, the result of a partnership between designers and scientists.

But the palette was not the only attraction. The material – 3M Dichroic film for glass surfaces – acts as prism to refract iridescent sunlight across surfaces of the tent and floor. It is totally reflective in capturing and creating shifting colors, and the people observing the various demos in the pavilion were also viewed in a blanket of translucent spring hues.




The interactive display, in addition to being gorgeous, is also showing off 3M’s new visual identity system.

Sermud Buni, creative technologist at BBDO, 3M’s ad agency, took a few minutes to explain the installation.

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