Simulate the human body with BodyKit APIs, now in beta

Simulate the human body with BodyKit APIs, now in beta

Body Labs, a platform for creating and customizing 3D human body models, today launched the beta of BodyKit, a collection of APIs and embeddable components for integrating the human body into apps and tools.

BodyKit, a toolset designed for early-stage prototyping, lightweight applications and even large-scale platforms, lets you create, visualize, pose, measure, analyze, animate and compare 3D body models for product customization and experiences. Applications for body modeling technology include fitness and health, fashion and design, ergonomics, video games, animation, VR and more.

BodyKit presents the complexity of the human body in a simple API, providing an automated way to create 3D avatarsthat can move naturally through a range of motion.



First, you upload a 3D body scan or set of measurements to create a 3D body model. You can then see and interact with body models from inside your app or Website and pose them with various motions, while still maintaining realistic soft tissue and shape deformation.

You can extract more than 50 standard body measurements, taken in the same place across all body shapes and poses and calculate values such as volume and surface area automatically for any body. You can apply motion capture sequences to body models to generate realistic human movement animations.

You can also compare two or more bodies against each other, or track how one body changes over time using precise heat-map visualization or custom metrics.

Further, you can use BodyKit to determine where someone fits within a specific population group and how a person compares to a prototype or average body for a group. You can export your models in any pose in a variety of file formats, compatible with many 3D CAD apps.


BodyKit includes ShapeX, Instant API and BodyHub API. ShapeX consists of customizable measurement input and visualization tools for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The instant API creates 3D body models from a few measurements to predict body shape and measurements. From a standard set of input measurements, for example, BodyKit’s Instant API predicts over 50 different anthropometric and tailor measurements to within 1.1 cm.

Finally, the BodyHub API creates and saves 3D body models from scans or measurements, builds databases of customer bodies and performs sophisticated operations such as animation, population analysis and custom formatted data exports for additional applications.

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