RNI’s plug-in update strives for that authentic grainy, film stock look

RNI’s plug-in update strives for that authentic grainy, film stock look

Really Nice Images — tapping into that distinctive analog aesthetic — has released RNI All Films 3.0, which promises to make your digital images look more ‘shot with film-like’ than ever.

RNI, joining competitors like AlienSkin ExposureVSCO and DxO, provide plug-ins to pro level software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to impart an identifiable film stock look or grain to photos.

This new version of the software adds an Analog Softness feature, designed to further remove the visual differences between high-megapixel images and film shots. In addition to bringing more than 170 new realistic and moody film presets to the mix, the upgrade also enhances color accuracy and skin tones for existing presets, the company said.

Polaroid 669 Expired 6.4+

RNI All Films 3.0 offers each simulated film in standard form as well as in variations such as faded and expired versions. The film presets are derived from actual film shooting or from analyzing negatives and slides from private archives.

RNI All Films 3.0 is available for Lightroom 4, 5, and CC and for ACR for Photoshop 6 and CC on Mac and Windows. The entire package costs $122 and is organized into five individual film-type packages: Negative, Slide, Instant, BW and Vintage. The packages are available for $49 each. 

Agfacolor XPS 160 Alt

The presets work best with Raw images, but also perform well with JPEGs. The package includes Essential Toolkit software for speedy control over contrast, fade, grain, vignette and slide frame effects.

All the existing RNI All Films customers get the upgrade for 50 percent off. There is no free trial.

RNI All Films 3.0 

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