Forget annual reports; create a sound sculpture to track your company’s performance

Forget annual reports; create a sound sculpture to track your company’s performance

So here’s a novel way to track your corporate performance: Generate a multimedia sculpture. You might think that’s a little over the top, but considering how hard you work to gather and analyze all those dry, boring numbers, a sound sculpture seems like much more fun — and certainly more creative. At least, that was the idea behind the recently released project by New York design agency, HUSH.

HUSH decided to experiment with translating quantified numerical data into a five-foot sculpture complete with gesture-controlled music. The input consists of data collected for each week of 2014 in five key metrics, plotted across a five-axis graph, with each point connected via a Bezier curve — stay with me — to generate a unique shape for the week. HUSH measured the following elements.

1. Total screen resolution: The number of operating computer displays used multiplied by their pixel resolution.

2. Images created: The number of image files (.jpg, .tif, .png) created.

3. Food: The dollar value of food consumed and billed to Hush or projects.

4. Positivity: An opinion rating based on a search of positive and negative keywords across the company’s communication platforms.

5. Travel: The amount of time team members spent on the subway or in a car, taxi, plane or train.

Once the curves are gathered, they are stacked one on top of the other in chronological order to create the structure.

After that, it was all set to music using software that maps the data sets to sonic output associated with each shape, wherein the shapes dynamically generate their own chords via gestures. The sculpture can be played with a simple hand movement up or down, releasing 52 data-derived sonic chords and light effects.

And thus, HUSH’s Made by Numbers year-end review of operations was transformed into a work of art. The agency is in final negotiations for getting it displayed in one of New York’s galleries.

In addition to the sculpture, 250 limited-edition posters featuring the sculpture and the case study video outlining the process are available.

HUSH Made by Numbers

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