Tailor updates its logo design engine for small businesses and startups

Tailor updates its logo design engine for small businesses and startups

Sometimes even design firms — well educated in the art of messaging and marketing — get stumped when trying to create a corporate identity program for themselves. So imagine the obstacles facing small startups tasked not only with running a successful company but needing to create a coherent brand identity at the same time?

That’s where Tailor Brands comes in, offering an algorithm-based system that helps small businesses participate in crafting their own unique logo and identity, without having to hire designers. Tailor’s new built-in Needle & Thread program gives startups and small business owners the ability to further customize their company’s visual design, while preserving the basic theme or message.

Needle & Thread, which is currently rolling out to select customers on the site, will be integrated into the company’s existing brand identification process. With it, clients can choose or apply small changes to elements like typefaces and composition to put their personal stamp on a look for their logo and branding materials.


“We are going for a niche that is currently under-serviced and that is the true micro-businesses and startups,” Yali Saar, Tailor Brands managing director told TNW. “In addition, we are doing things a bit differently as we are truly creating machine learning that understands design in order to supply these clients with high-level design for low costs.“

The company uses thousands of design rules and style structures, combined with 350,000 design options to help clients craft unique on-demand identity campaigns. The new product promises better performance and includes a revamped design process with an intuitive user interface; a self learning mechanism that incorporates users’ design choices; an editing process that preserves the design essence but allows tweaking and a new filtering process that allows more personalization.


It took less than 10 minutes for Tailor to give me a complete corporate identity for my old freelance company, complete with logo and typeface, business cards, stationery, brand book, T-Shirt and shopping bag adaptations and branded cloud storage.

Design packages start at $50 for a logo, business card design, letterhead design and a brand-book. Tailor Brands, which launched in early September, currently serves customers in 35 countries worldwide.

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