5 clever movie poster redesigns

5 clever movie poster redesigns

Ashley Hefnawy is an associate editor for Shutterstock’s blog. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission.

Just like album covers and book covers, movie posters have a sense of timelessness to them, allowing artists the freedom to be creative and interpret many different styles. From minimalism to 1970s-style, to reinterpreting an iconic artist, the diversity of trends for movie posters (and movie poster redesigns) is bountiful.

Take a look at the poster trends below.

1. Reimagined in the style of Saul Bass: James Bond: A View to Kill by Alain Bossuyt


2. Reimagined with text spoilers: Fight Club by Spoiler Movie Posters


3. Minimalist: Amélie by Eder Renfigo


4. 1970s style: The American by P+A/Mojo


5. In the style of Robert Indiana: Amour by Shutterstock


Ready to create your own movie posters? We put together a collection of images to serve as a jumping-off point for your latest creation.

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