What time is it? Why, it’s #081409 o’ clock

What time is it? Why, it’s #081409 o’ clock

Here’s a question straight out of left field: What hexadecimal color corresponds with the current time of day?

Frankly, the concept of matching time to hex color had never occurred to me until today, when I witnessed a dynamic rendition of this clever idea, as pictured above.

Of course, this example does not span the entire color spectrum because of the nature of hex colors, which are represented by a positional numeral system in base 16 as opposed to base 10, and therefore substitute letters for numbers at various points. Thus, the colors represented by letter-number combinations are not included in the displayed spectrum.

No matter. Even barring the lettered hues, the script behind this bit of magic does manage to display a breathtaking 16,777, 216 shades (hat tip to Andrew Liszewski of Gizmodo for doing the math and for providing that boss animated GIF).

What colour is it? [Gizmodo]

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