Aviary’s photo SDK is now integrated into Adobe’s Creative SDK

Aviary’s photo SDK is now integrated into Adobe’s Creative SDK

Following up on its September acquisition of Aviary, the popular photo editing platform, app and SDK, Adobe today announced in a blog post that the newest version of the Aviary SDK has now been integrated as the image editing component of Adobe’s own Creative SDK.

This move will let developers easily integrate Adobe’s technology directly into their own apps and Websites. According to Adobe’s Vijay Vachani, “Today, you’ll find a new and improved version of the Aviary SDK on the Aviary site. You’ll also find the brand new Aviary SDK integrated as the Image Editing component of the Creative SDK to give you easy access to the rest of Adobe’s incredible creative technology.”

The Aviary SDK now offers a host of new features including overlays, vignettes, highlights, shadows, tint and fade, which are available with the Creative SDK’s image editing component. On iOS, the Draw tool features a re-built brush technology for more natural drawing movements.


In addition to image editing capabilities, Adobe’s Creative SDK lets developers offer features such as unrestricted access to creative assets, file compatibility and desktop workflow, access to the new Creative Cloud Market; connected hardware capability for third-party devices and the ability to publish to Adobe’s Behance portfolio network.

A migration guide is available for developers who wish to integrate the new SDK into their apps. Starting in 2015, all Aviary SDK updates will go directly to Adobe’s Creative SDK.

➤ The Aviary SDK Is Now Part Of The Creative SDK

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