NailSnaps lets you feature your cat as nail polish

NailSnaps lets you feature your cat as nail polish

NailSnaps for iOS, released today, puts an alternate spin on the concept of nail design wearables.

While there are several nail polish apps that offer preset nail patterns or show you how to create some high profile designs for upcoming holiday festivities — and MyNCLA’s Your Custom Nails also works with photos — NailSnaps offers a high degree of photo customization to print stick-on nail wraps for your designer claws.

With NailSnaps, you can choose an image from your Camera Roll, Instagram or Facebook accounts. Do each nail with a different image or pattern or have one image span all nails for a panorama effect. Horizontal images work best for the pano, but you knew that.


Using the flexible, built-in stencil, center your image and line it up to the bottom of the cuticle for the best effect. Place each nail image separately and lock. Tap the image again to unlock it if you need to make adjustments.

Depending on your nail length, parts of the image near the dotted line may be filed off during application. It’s best to keep the must-have part of your photo close to the cuticle, especially for short nails.

nailsnaps2Rotate and resize the stencil to zero in on the desired portions of your photo. Move the stencil around – spin it, make it big or small. To repeat a design on multiple nails, tap the nail you like and copy it to other nails.

When you like your nail design, you can share it with the community for additional inspiration and also print the design on your own set of press-on nails.

The actual nail art is made of very thin vinyl and comes with two sizes for each fingernail (regular and petite), plus a mini nail file. Peel and stick a nail wrap into position then file off the excess. Apply a clear top coat for extra seal and shine.

NailSnaps are printed and shipped from the company’s facility in Los Angeles. Each custom nail sets costs $19.

While only available for iOS today, an Android version is shipping later in the month, the company says.

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