Typegenius online app shows designers the best font match

Typegenius online app shows designers the best font match

Most designers pride themselves on their ability to choose the font combinations they use in their projects, thank you — except for when they need a little help in deciding which fonts look best together.

Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to get some extra visual input. Typegenius is a Website app that picks the perfect font combo for you when you enter a main font choice.

Typegenius, a project from Muno Creative, draws from a curated collection of Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit selections to offer that single match. Some selections offer several variations on the theme, combining both all-text and text plus images for better project-specific visualization.


 I can understand why an online app like Typegenius might want to limit the number choices to eliminate confusion. Plus it likely takes into account other matching help designers seek from their professional font utilities. However, for anyone intent on an appealing typographic presentation, it would be nice to have at least three selections (or maybe five) to choose from.



Because of its limited choices, Typegenius is great for steering you in the right direction and giving you a basis for further research. Plus, you can always enter the matching font into the tool to get a range of additional compatible selections.


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