Krome Retouch launches on Android to let humans tweak your photos

Krome Retouch launches on Android to let humans tweak your photos

Krome Photos, a service that assigns a worldwide network of warm and sensitive human beings to hand-retouch your flawed images, has debuted an Android version of its Krome Retouch app.

Accompanying Krome Retouch’s debut on Android is a completely overhauled version 2.0 of the same app for iOS, which launched last year.

Krome is essentially an order form that lets you choose from among various options to enhance a photo in any way you choose. You can change colors, smooth skin, and fix backgrounds by removing errant objects, blurring or completely replacing them.


Krome currently employs a team of 30 editors and three quality control reviewers worldwide, which can fix some 20,000 photos per month, the company says.

The app is targeted to mobile photographers who are either unskilled or too busy to perform such tasks themselves, or just want a professional job done on a favorite shot that they intend to frame, share with family members or post to social networks.

According to Krome Photos CEO Eduardo Llach, the biggest customers for the retouch apps are families and young selfie fans.

While the app is available directly to the public, the Krome API is also available for licensing and integration with third-party apps. For example, Zazzle is licensing the Web technology, while MailPix and Picture it On Canvas are licensing the apps.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store free of charge. Each image costs $8.99, with the first one free of charge.

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