Hidely’s double encryption scheme promises photo privacy

Hidely’s double encryption scheme promises photo privacy

Hidely, a new iOS app launched today, is designed to keep your photos free from prying eyes. Even if you’re not sharing way too much skin with 100 of your closest pals, you still probably don’t want your personal photos in line for the next data hack.

Photos taken with or imported into Hidely are “zero trace,” according to the company, because they are protected with double encryption technology that secures them from unauthorized access. Zero-trace also applies to the password: If you forget it, Hidely will not help you recover it.

Unlike standard cloud storage-based platforms, which have recently proven vulnerable to security violations, Hidely’s photos are not stored permanently on a server. Instead, the app keeps photos encrypted on your device under a double encryption lock.


I was fine with the whole concept of keeping photos hidden on the phone, however switching back and forth between the app and the Camera Roll forces you to re-enter your password multiple times. In addition, screen shots taken with the app’s camera do show up in the Camera Roll and images that you encrypt from the Camera Roll also remain visible.


That leaves the built-in camera as the secret utility. The camera itself has a few basic controls: exposure and focus, zoom, flash, and the ability to switch between the front and back cameras.

Hidely is the newest app from Lifetime Memori, the creators of Trunx, the cloud storage platform to privately organize and share photos. It is free for iOS and available now in the App Store.


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