Lenka black & white camera app is free for one week — starting now

Lenka black & white camera app is free for one week — starting now

Come and get it! Lenka, the new black & white camera app for iOS — regularly available for $2.99 on the App Store — is free for the next week to celebrate 100,000 downloads. Free access begins now and ends on October 7.

Lenka is the brainchild of visual artist and photographer Kevin Abosch, and it attracted much attention upon its release several months ago.

While Lenka is easy to use, its overall effect is intense. The app features a eye-catching black and yellow interface with normal- and high-contrast shooting modes, which you can access with the toggle button located to the right of the shutter.


What you see on the screen is what you get for the most part, but you can also shift focus and change composition or adjust the lighting of your shot.

Note that Lenka is a camera app that shoots black and white images, so you can’t go back to previously saved shots to drain their color. Nor can you use it to shoot selfies. It’s designed for photographers who are willing and able to experiment with monochrome shooting for artistic and documentary results.

For those who were reluctant to plunk down the $2.99 to try it out, now’s your chance to unleash your inner Ansel Adams.

➤ Lenka [iOS]

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