now wants to help teams collaborate on infographics now wants to help teams collaborate on infographics

As we wrote back in 2012, is a great way of creating your own beautiful interactive infographics. In a nutshell, takes the data you give it and makes it easy to construct detailed infographics via a WYSIWYG editor.

Now, 1.2 million users on, is launching a feature specifically for teams, letting those who work in close unison collaborate and access shared resources from their own accounts.

The aptly titled ‘ For Teams’ works with’s Pro and White Label plans which start at $18/month, so those on the limited ‘Free’ version of the service won’t be able to access it.

Those who sign up as teams can tap into a shared history of all the infographics they’ve created, while multiple ‘seats’ on the same shared accounts means that large companies in particular may benefit from reduced pricing with the more users that join.

create-team-interface has been used by a number of big publications, including The Guardian and Al Jazeera, so pushing for the collaborative jugular here makes sense. That said, anyone from teachers and students to marketers and freelancers can still use the broader service to transfer their data into visual manifestations, so it’s a win-win really.

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