Photoshop Mix update makes app easier to use and interoperable with Photoshop Express

Photoshop Mix update makes app easier to use and interoperable with Photoshop Express

Adobe’s Photoshop Mix app for iPad, released alongside a flurry of new updates for Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2014 suite, did something no other tablet-based app could — use the power of the cloud to perform sophisticated, processor-intensive editing functions such as content aware fill, lens correction and shake reduction.

With its first upgrade — to version 1.1 — Adobe integrates some significant new elements and refinements to the Mix operation, as noted in the company’s blog post.

An enhanced undo/redo lets you apply multiple undos or redos within a task, while the new image swapping feature improves the compositing function by letting you select foreground and background images on the fly by dragging the thumbnail at the top of the screen.

PS Mix1
Better control over foreground and background images.

Mix 1.1 can open larger files than the debut version, and now supports panoramas, as well as the PNG format.

Adobe cites a performance boost with this new version of Mix, especially for loading projects and live previews. Whereas Mix 1.0 saved full resolution files to the cloud, it downsampled files to the local camera roll. With Mix 1.1, the app saves full resolution files locally.

Mix 1.0 supported opening files from Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom Mobile and Facebook, but that list now includes Dropbox.

Image 2
Mix can now open files from Dropbox. 

Remember Photoshop Express, the consumer image editing app that Adobe launched several years ago? Time to pull that back onto your screen — just in case it got replaced with Photoshop Touch — because Mix can now trade files with that app via the Open With function. Plus, Express can open masked Mix files as transparent images.

Mix 1.1 now supports additional languages such as Italian, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

Photoshop Mix is a free app for the iPad. Photoshop Express runs on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

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