This beautiful Facebook Cards concept is inspired by Google Now

This beautiful Facebook Cards concept is inspired by Google Now

Designer and Web developer Amine Zafri has created an absolutely beautiful Facebook concept inspired by Google Now. In short, he has taken the cards that power Google’s intelligent personal assistant and applied them to the Facebook Timeline.

“I love how Google Now uses all the data Google has about a user, to generate useful and rich information they might need,” Zafri explains. “And this is what I tried to bring to Facebook with this concept, creating a more interactive experience based on users likes and data.”

The result is called Facebook Cards:


The best part is that Zafri has created a Google Chrome prototype extension which you can download from the Chrome Web Store. While its functionality is limited to just weather, Zafri envisions a lot more functionality, including event reminders, breaking news stories, sports updates, and TV show schedules:


The Facebook Timeline is the de facto homepage for hundreds of millions of people. It’s time that it became a lot more useful.

Facebook Cards

Thumbnail image credit: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

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