Afterlight brings its extensive photo-editing and filter app to Android

Afterlight brings its extensive photo-editing and filter app to Android

If you’re passionate about mobile photography, you should always be on the lookout for better editing apps. Today Afterlight made the jump to Android, offering a wide range of adjustment tools and retro filters for 99 cents.

Tweaking photos couldn’t be easier. After capturing or importing an image, you have a wide range of tools at your disposal: Brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure compensation, highlights, shadows, temperature, sharpening – the list goes on. Each offers a slider at the bottom of the screen and as you swipe horizontally, a value between -100 and +100 will appear for easy reference.


If you’re interested in filters, Afterlight has them in droves. There are 59 in total – 27 original filters, 19 special “seasons” filters and 14 created by prominent Instagram users. Some are certainly better than others, but the sheer quantity means you’re bound to find one that suits your shot and subject matter.

Finally, there are 66 “textures” that add artificial dust and light leaks to your images. An optional “instant film pack” offers a further 22 textures and frames, if you’re still desperate for effects to experiment with.

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Featured image credit: Chris Furlong/Getty Images

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