You can now buy Lomography’s retro Petzval Art Lens designed for analog and digital SLRs

You can now buy Lomography’s retro Petzval Art Lens designed for analog and digital SLRs

It’s been over a year since analog camera company Lomography launched its Kickstarter campaign for the Petzval Art Lens, but today it’s finally available for everyone to buy online and in-store.

The new hardware is inspired by the iconic Petzval lens developed by Joseph Petzval in 1840. The original was known for producing a sharp central focus and a dreamlike “bokeh” effect around the outside. Combined with high color saturation and natural vignettes, it was a truly unique piece of glass.


The new Petzval Art Lens from Lomography is designed to capture similar images, but with all of the benefits that come with modern manufacturing techniques. For instance, the lens is smaller than the original, with a beautiful design that stays true to the original camera lens. It’s also compatible with all Canon EF and Nikon F mount analog and digital cameras, which should ensure that a wide range of photographers can take advantage of it.

Last year, Lomography wanted to raise $100,000 over a 30-day period; instead it raised almost $1.4 million, smashing expectations and rebuffing the idea that analog and analog-influenced photography was dead.

Be warned though, the Petzval Art Lens isn’t cheap. The brass Canon and Nikon Mount editions cost $599 each, while the black variant will set you back an extra $100. Collectors can also pick up a “low serial number” version, one of the first Black Petzval lenses that came off the production line, for $749.

Petzval Art Lens

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