Younity’s personal cloud service adds Instagram support for easier #TBT sharing

Younity’s personal cloud service adds Instagram support for easier #TBT sharing

While the focus of Instagram is — well, instant — the app does allow you to reach back into your photo archives to post older pictures to its service, as long as those photos reside on your phone.

If the photo you want to post is somewhere else, say on your laptop hard drive or an external hard drive attached to your desktop computer, it takes a multi-step song and dance to get it posted on Instagram.

But Throwback Thursday just got easier with Entangled Media’s Younity, a free personal cloud service that now lets you publish photos stored on your hard drive directly to the Instagram app without any fuss. In an update posted today, getting a photo to Instagram from computer now involves tapping a single button.


Younity had already facilitated posting to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram had sought to remain mobile-centric, Alfredo Narez, chief marketing officer of Younity, told TNW.

“The big advancement here is that the latest version of Younity automatically catalogues your content by device (and other views), so you can directly select the image you want posted and serve the image into the processing stage of the Instagram app. All of the interim processes are gone…no upload, download or camera roll tricks required.”

Younity creates a personal cloud storage space for all your files, derived from your devices and online services. It lets you access all your music, photos and video without syncing. There’s no configuration, management or storage limits.


Once Younity is installed on a computer(s), it will discover all the stored photos. Then, open the app on your mobile device, browse to any photo and select the Open in Instagram button.

 Once you resize the photo, it will open the Instagram app and let you apply filters or adjustments, comments and hashtags and then post right to your account, as you normally would. Just in time for #TBT.


Featured image: Instagram Throwback Thursday blog post

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