Framed is pitching its 24″ and 40″ digital picture frames and an art marketplace on Kickstarter

Framed is pitching its 24″ and 40″ digital picture frames and an art marketplace on Kickstarter ...

The idea of a digital photo frame is hardly new, and the idea of having one connected to the internet has also been seen before. Indeed, Electric Objects launched its EO1 digital photo frame on Kickstarter already this month and now Framed wants to get in on the action by attempting to raise $75,000 with its own crowdfunding campaign.

Launching today on Kickstarter, Framed’s digital displays come in either 24-inch or 40-inch models and are designed to let you easily populate your home, office or gallery/display space with digital artworks.


Accompanied by a Framed iOS app which allows you to find new pictures online and send them to your frame in the flick of a finger, each unit also has in-built gesture controls, so you can find and replace content without pressing a button by standing in front of your frame and making a few simple motions. To achieve this it has a 720p camera and motion sensors built in, which can also help you to create reactive artworks.

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Supported files include GIFs, videos, various graphics file types and Flash, and there are stereo speakers on board for any videos with audio. Ahead of the Kickstarter launch, Framed has already developed its portal and worked with designers like Aaron Koblin and Universal Everything. Rather than have it as a place of pure consumption though, the Framed platform also functions as a marketplace where you can show-off or sell your own creations.

The 24-inch model is available from pledges of $399 or above, but you’ll need to shell out at least $1,500 to get your hands on the 40-inch version during the crowdfunding campaign. Post-campaign pricing hasn’t yet been set.

While it’s the first consumer-facing screen that Framed has worked on, the first version is actually already installed in a few fashion and design shops in Tokyo, a spokesperson for the company told TNW.

As with all Kickstarter projects, it’s buyer-beware when it comes to what you choose to fund, but with a little production and manufacturing experience already under its belt, that’s one potentially tricky hurdle that Framed has some experience in navigating.

➤ FRAMED — A Revolutionary Platform For Digital Art [Kickstarter]

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