Electric Objects, seeking crazy ideas, launches artist in residence program

Electric Objects, seeking crazy ideas, launches artist in residence program

Electric Objects, the company behind the EO1 electronic art computer, has announced an artist in residence program designed to generate original art and crazy ideas for the new platform.

The EO1, a variation on the electronic picture frame concept, is a wall or tabletop mounted computer that displays your choice of framed art.

“Electric Objects is a nice piece of hardware and software, but what really matters is building an ecosystem of artists and developers who see it as a platform for creative expression and distribution,” said Jake Levine, Electric Objects founder and CEO.

With 19 days left on its hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the artist in residence program, launched as a beta, seeks participating artists who will conceptualize their projects with the EO1 frame in mind. Electric Objects will start by choosing 10 artists, and if things go well, it will choose another 10.

According to the announcement, “Nothing that comes out of this program will be exclusive to EO1, we only ask that you consider it in your creative process, and think of it as a primary context for presentation.”


At present, the frame can render static images, animated GIFs, MP4 files, and most major JavaScript frameworks (including Three.js, Processing.js).

Participating artists will receive an EO Prototype Kit (worth $400), a $500 stipend, full rights to re-sell/re-share/re-display any work produced and face time with Jacob Bijani, the Electric Objects development team lead.

website form is available to all applicants with a deadline of midnight, eastern time, July 27th.

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