Bravo partners with Aviary to boost pageant reality show fans’ selfie esteem

Bravo partners with Aviary to boost pageant reality show fans’ selfie esteem

Are you at the edge of your chair awaiting the premiere of Game of Crowns, Bravo’s new beauty pageant reality show?

Even if you’re not, Aviary, the photo editing app, offers a way to pass the time productively — doll up your visage to look just (or somewhat) like the show’s bronzed, botoxed, bejeweled, high-heeled, cutthroat contestants. All in fun, of course.

Aviary‘s new Game of Crowns free sponsored content pack, available via a partnership with the Bravo network, coincides with the show’s premiere on 7/13.


Targeted to the program’s fans, new tools available for the app let you apply special effects like botox (seriously) and bronzer filters, stickers of false eyelashes, gaudy jewelry — and yes, a crown — to your decidedly pedestrian selfies and frenemy group shots.

The potential reach is huge. In addition to the Aviary app for iOS and Android, the Aviary mobile photo editing platform powers some 7,000 different apps. Aviary will syndicate the Game of Crowns stickers, filters and frames across select network partners

Like Game of Crowns, there’s nothing subtle about it: The in-app pack splashes both show and network logos across the menu screen. But, from the partners’ standpoint, letting fans use familiar tools like frames, filters and stickers to create their own content beats tacky hashtags, logos and banner ads.

Game of crowns 2

“Campaigns in Aviary are clearly branded and have a differentiated design style that makes them stand apart from our everyday content,” said Aviary CEO Tobias Peggs. “The audience we connect to brands is unique and organic, and to date, no outside marketing efforts have been used to drive additional audiences to the app.” Instead, said Peggs, in-app promotion and positioning are used to support the campaigns and drive traffic to the branded content.

Aviary’s deal with Bravo is part of the company’s year-old native content advertising model for mobile photography. In addition to Bravo, Samsung, AMEX and Disney are partnering with Aviary to offer similar free packs of photo filters, stickers, and frames.

While Aviary offers many kinds of filter packs as in-app purchases costing 99 cents to $1.99 each, branded commercial content like Game of Crowns is free.


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