You too can create 3D images with this user-friendly iPad scanner

You too can create 3D images with this user-friendly iPad scanner

3D is already gunning for a space on the consumer desk. But now it’s also coming to the mobile space with Itseez3D, a 3D scanner app for the iPad.

Itseez3D allows iPad users to convert ordinary objects such as furniture, shoes, toys, and even people, into 3D models. The app works in concert with Occipital’s Structure Sensor ($499), a snap-on hardware device launched as a Kickstarter project last fall. (Occipital is also behind the 360 Panorama photo app as well as a Structure companion app, both also on the App Store.)

“The app is targeted to consumers so that anyone who has an iPad and a Structure Sensor can make gorgeous color 3D models,” said Victor Erukhimov, CEO of Itseez. “The sensor provides 3D data for each of the pixels and the color image has three coordinate points to objects that you see in the scene.” The app sends the captured data to the cloud, where it is processed and delivered back to the iPad.

3D scan 1
Library of scanned models.

Imaging data is captured by the hardware device as the user circles the object. “The software will synthesize a 3D model with color that looks very realistic,” Erukhimov said.

Users can share the 3D model by email in .ply or .obj formats or on a site for publishing and embedding interactive 3D models.

The Itseez3D app, initially created to support the augmented reality technology of the Structure Sensor, was built using Occipital’s Structure SDK.

3D ipad_in_hands
Occipital’s Structure Sensor 

Itseez3D is targeted to professionals such as engineers, designers, inventors and manufacturers and can capture 3D models of objects and people for import into CAD programs or for 3D printing. Consumers can also employ the user-friendly app for home and school projects and other recreational pursuits.

The debut of Itseez3D comes at a time when interest in tablet-focused 3D is accelerating. Examples in various stages of development include Google’s Project Tango and Apple’s purchase of 3D sensor company, PrimeSense last November. These, however, involve 3D sensors built into the tablet hardware.

3D body_scan
Itseez3D scan model

While Structure Sensor is needed to actually scan images, users can still download Itseez3D to view sample models. Itseez3D works with Structure Sensor now, but will be made compatible with other 3D sensors for mobile devices as they become available.

The Itseez3D for iPad is available on Apple’s App Store and is free of charge for the initial launch. It works with the iPad Air and iPad 4.

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