Hire learning: 5 ways to craft an unforgettable anti-resume

Hire learning: 5 ways to craft an unforgettable anti-resume

Lindsay is a New York-based writer, photographer, and editor. Her work has appeared in publications including American Photo, PDN and Rangefinder. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission.

The act of printing out documents has increasingly become a relic of the analogue world, so why think of your resume in terms of 8.5 x 11 inches?  Landing that dream job requires standing out in a sea of boxed, one-dimensional lists of accolades, where the curriculum vitae can be as carefully curated as your social-media presence.

In the spirit of helping to reinvent the old standard, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and collected the tools to make this process as seamless as possible.

1. Think interactive

Figure out what your core strengths are and how you want to show them off in your resume design. Robby Leonardi’s design works went viral in an 8-bit video game, while Matthew Epstein’s video resume appealing for a job at Google has racked up more than 1.3 million views on YouTube to date.

2. Make it move

Thought the interactive storytelling on NYTimes.com and Pitchfork’s cover stories was revolutionary? Why not apply these attributes to your personal story? A combination of CSS3 and HTML5 markup languages make it possible to include more multimedia and responsive elements like video, audio, and canvas within Web design. Try adding an interactive timeline from Sumry or infographic elements that move when your would-be employer scrolls.

resume 1
Sample Sumry template

3. Add icons and imagery

Feeling like text alone is too dull, but not a designer? Spice up your one-page with eye-catching flat icons that replace the usual categorical words, or a timeline with a splash of color. If photographs or videos better showcase your portfolio, embed them within. And if you’re including your headshot, don’t use a standard rectangular crop; go for a more interesting circle or square design. (Tip: Never make your potential employer assume you designed the icons, unless in fact you actually did.)

Resume 2
Sample timeline with graphics from Themeforest

4. Try a template

The Web is brimming with resources for free (and inexpensive) multimedia resume templates that can do the job well if you don’t need to completely customize the design. For template ideas, check out Webdesigntunes’ list of 60 Creative Responsive Resume Templates or Freshdesignweb’s 30+ Creative HTML Resume CV Templates.

Resume 3
Template by themeelite.com

5. Market your CV

It’s not worth your time to design a flawless hook for employment if it’s not going to be seen. Make sure your new calling card has prominent placement on your Website or is visible through all your social-media channels. Find creative ways to insert it into email blasts or include links in any other promotional materials you send out to potential clients. And don’t neglect to make sure it’s formatted correctly for tablets and other electronic devices — you never know where people will be looking.

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