Global Delight’s Camera Plus is updated with real-time preview for better shots

Global Delight’s Camera Plus is updated with real-time preview for better shots

Global Delight, whose photo-video app Camera Plus recently introduced technology that let iOS photographers be a part of their own photo shoots, has now released an upgrade that improves on that feature.

Two months ago, the company added AirSnap, which connects two iOS devices together via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so one device acts as the camera and the other acts as the controller. This allowed the resident photographer to both control the shot and be part of the picture.

Camera Plus 3
The re-focus button, right above the shutter, is part of the new real-time preview.

The new version of Camera Plus, released today, (not to be confused with Camera+) further improves the AirSnap feature. In version 3.6, the app now lets shooters see a real-time preview from the capturing device on the remote device before tapping the shutter button. While in preview mode, a re-focus option also lets you set the focus and lighting on the capturing device to further improve the shot.

This feature is especially handy for travel photography, group shots, pet shots and more.

In addition, with this upgrade, Camera Plus is also 64-bit compatible, which makes the app faster when switching between photo and video modes and between front and rear cameras, and when saving photos and videos.

The new update can also send much longer videos via email, letting you attach clips containing up to five minutes of HD video.

Camera Plus runs on the iPhone 4 and later or iPad 2 and later on iOS 7. It is available for $1.99 from the iTunes App Store. The app is localized in 10 languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and Korean.

Camera Plus

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