Flickr overhauls blog as it preps for Sunday’s 10th anniversary photo walk

Flickr overhauls blog as it preps for Sunday’s 10th anniversary photo walk

What are you doing on Sunday? Whatever the answer is now, you might want to consider dropping in on Flickr’s global photo walk, a celebration of the online photo service’s 10th anniversary. On Sunday, May 4th, Flickr estimates that over 1,000 people in more than 60 regions across 20 countries and five continents will participate in the event.

Coinciding with its 10th birthday and the photo walk, Flickr has also debuted a complete overhaul of the Flickr blog, which has showcased and shared community images. Flickr has subbed out the plain white background of the original blog with an upgraded, cross-device design.

Flickr blog

The redesign is responsive, optimized for use on any device, and it mirrors the new design themes that you see on Flickr and across Yahoo projects,” said Matthew Roth, Flickr’s community manager. “This online journal format is a more enjoyable way for you to discover the most engaging stories on Flickr and it gives you simpler navigation through our archives.”

Flickr photo walk
Flickr pack for Sunday’s photo walks.

Flickr considers photo walks a core part of the global photo community it has gathered together since its launch in 2004–a venue where the virtual community meets face-to-face in real time.

Meetups are planned for Bangalore,Helsinki, Rome, São PauloReno, Guadalajara, Kuala Lumpur,  Lahore, and more. Flickr estimates this will be the largest day of photo walks so far.

You can join a photo walk or start your own event on the #Flickr10 Photo Walks group. If you don’t see an event near you, and you don’t have time to organize one, you can do your photo walk solo.

Just get out there and start shooting–and be sure to tag images with #Flickr10photowalk, so your photos automatically get added to the group.


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