Travelwide: a large-format film camera offering image splendor in a compact body

Travelwide: a large-format film camera offering image splendor in a compact body

It may be low-tech, but it sure is cool. Photographers seeking the visual opulence of large format images, can now look forward to the Travelwide 4×5 Camera, a point and shoot-style film camera that promises pinpoint detail and huge tonal range. It will be available this summer.

This lightweight, portable camera body, the product of a Kickstarter campaign by Wanderlust Cameras, has a high-impact unibody construction, but weighs in at a mere 9.7 ounces (275 grams). It’s small, though not super-compact, at 6.3×3.9×5 inches. It ships with a pinwide pinhole, focusing screen, metal sport viewfinder, and lens attachment tool. It also features a standard tripod mount.

There’s no kit lens; you’ll have to buy your own. But luckily, developers Justin Lundquist and Ben Syverson already thought of that.

Travelwide 1

The Travelwide is specifically designed for the Schneider Angulon 90mm f/6.8, but the camera also works with most 90mm f/8 lenses, including the Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/8. With f/8 lenses, the minimum focus distance spans to about 1 meter, however, 90mm f/5.6 lenses are not compatible.

The focus ranges from infinity to under 2 feet (0.55 meters) accommodating subjects from portrait to landscape. You compose, focus, and finetune your shots via the camera’s focusing screen, which is included, though you can quickly accomplish the same thing with the focus markings on the barrel.

Travelwide 2
Focusing screen

The developers also make a 65mm conversion kit, which will go on sale in the near future. The conversion kit lets you mount the Super Angulon 65mm f/8, or shoot with the Pinwide at 65mm.

Travelwide 3
Cold shoe accessory mounts

You will need film for this camera. The camera accepts standard 4×5 film holders and Polaroid 545i holders for shooting instant film.

Three accessory cold shoes let you mount a viewfinder or bubble level, while a metal sport finder gives you a visual reference for your shots.

The Travelwide is available for preorder now for $149.

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